Merchant Tools

Getcryptopayments API

Merchant Created Terminals List

The list of all the Terminals created by the merchant.


API GET Fields
Field Name Description Required?
merchant_id The Unique ID of the Merchant. It is available in Account Page. Yes
API Response

A successful call to this command will give you a result similar to this (JSON):

    "status": 1,
    "terminals": [
                "terminal_name": "test",
                "terminal_description": "testing",
                "active": true,
                "terminal_secret_key": "pbkdf2_sha256$100000$ZuUP9QxezUIM$0SO+bexFvONR7QI49mE/VAH5i1HHsDVjPiTCkfibjYk=",
                "terminal_api_key": "c942bb278badd019d7631366fa6323e8856511bb6d7493c268d3add5dafb51ec",
                "merchant_end_api_url": ""
                "terminal_name": "test2",
                "terminal_description": "testing 2",
                "active": true,
                "terminal_secret_key": "pbkdf2_sha256$100000$FMbIitcxa1Ef$MHBs0kA37v6SJetH7HNROfhYmWKkZv3/Vtgg2K2FZU0=",
                "terminal_api_key": "747fdf933dcf031997d8ecfff4890dc4e3021cd48d2ab81b51c2d55053fa2641",
                "merchant_end_api_url": ""
                "terminal_name": "test3",
                "terminal_description": "testing 3",
                "active": true,
                "terminal_secret_key": "pbkdf2_sha256$100000$Eo4uOC31D9J9$Y9YDZq7g6IsnrkRypyw+PeE4N6fiKFXdCmYQW6fMD4A=",
                "terminal_api_key": "ec835c39efc73bdb30084a3f1d1baf27f4548dfe901540b9617b20e458c9f45f",
                "merchant_end_api_url": ""

The result wil have the following fields:

  1. status = The status of the API call.
    1 = Success
    0 = Failed
  2. terminals = List of all Terminals created by the merchant.
  3. terminal_name = The name of the Terminal.
  4. terminal_description = The description about the terminal.
  5. active = The status of the Terminal (Active or Inactive).
  6. terminal_secret_key = The secret key of the Terminal.
  7. terminal_api_key = The API Key of the Terminal.
  8. merchant_end_api_url = The response url to the merchant.