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The GCPS API will provide access to our services and information to our sellers. If you would like to see a particular function added, please click the Contact Us menu item above. API calls are implemented as standard HTTP POST (application/x-www-form-urlencoded) calls.

API Setup

The only setup needed is to go to the API Dashboard page from Account and Create a Terminal by selecting the option Add New Terminal.
Fill all the following fields in this page.

  1. Terminal Name = The name of the Terminal going to create.
  2. Terminal description = The description of the Terminal.
  3. Merchant response URL = The API URL end of the merchant for receiving response.
  4. Active = To activate the terminal (default=Not selected)

After submission of the form with valid Data, a pair of API Key and API Secret Key will generated.This key will visible only for 1 time. Download the Key Pair by selecting Download option.


Every API call is authentciated with the pair of API Key and API Secret key.
If the API pair key doesn't match with the server, the API will discarded.

API Response

The API will return an array with status 1 or 0.
1 indicates the API call was success and 0 indicated the API call was failed (error).


API calls are made as basic HTTP POST requests using the following variables: (note: The POST data is regular application/x-www-form-urlencoded style data, not JSON or XML)

Field Name Description Required?
api_key Your API key Yes
secret_key Your secret key Yes
format The format of response to return, json or xml. (default: json) No